10th Anniversary!

Well, it was our 10th wedding anniversary recently, and we boldly decided to take a vacation in the middle of our busy farming season to celebrate! We decided to head home to Colorado and do some hiking with our good friend Art Escobado, who is an avid landscape photographer. Our destination? A 5-day backpacking trip to The Super Mountains – Maroon Bells – near Aspen. We had a fabulous time with lots of hiking, camp cooking and photo-taking. Mr. Smeems even enjoyed it! Of course, he had his nifty backpack to store all his chow in, so he was looking dapper. We hit a snow storm for 2 days, so we mostly built a fire those days, and the other days we hiked around and Art took pictures. Here’s some select gems to chew on. Enjoy!

Ready to go!

Art & Spencer

Looking back at Maroon Lake

The little trooper!

Getting chilly!!

Such a nce landscape to walk through! We are at about 11,000 feet here.

An alpine strawberry field.

We set up camp and Mara spends a lot of time building this great fire ring!

We made good use of it during our 2-day snowstorm!

Spencer playing in the snow.
Some awesome lichens.

It warms up, and Mara & Spencer & Smeems go for a side-hike to Buckskin Pass while Art traipses about with his camera.

We love being so high up in the mountains!
This is on the side of North Maroon Peak

We hiked down and arrived on the 5th day all in one piece! It was a great trip!

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