Another very important happening in the fall was the welcoming of our new puppy, Bullet! Looking back at the blog I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t officially announced the arrival of Mr. Smeems’ partner in crime, who joined us in September! He is a super sweet pup with a personality all his own, but Mr. S is definitely curious about this little dog who has come to stay. Mr. S is simultaneously elated with and completely unimpressed with this little guy, as all big brothers are, I suppose. He’s a pretty good teacher, and they definitely have fun together.
Here’s a sampling of their days:

Hello, Bullet. This is my toy wolf. We will play with it together.
Forget the wolf – we will play with each other!
Bullet letting it all hang out.

He’s a camoflaged pinto bean!

Or a snail…

He does love hiking in the woods…

Bumping along Intervale road to the farm…

and howling with the pack!

Mr. S doesn’t howl.

He’s frisky and crazy and a lot of fun!

More as he grows up….

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