Chilly beans to chili beans

hand cupping beans
It was cold and raw and windy and quiet all at once today. Felt like a perfect day to do our first field tilling and seeding of favas and peas. They’ll sit in the ground quietly and enjoy the hull-softening rain that tomorrow and the next couple of days will bring.Then, when the days warm up in about 10 days, they’ll stretch their arms and give a mighty push and erupt through the soil and greet the Spring with fully-formed leaves!

I love beans for their vigor, enthusiasm and hearty nature; I am eagerly looking forward to seeing their bright, shining faces in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, it seemed like a good day to bake a pot of chili beans in a clay pot, and a few homemade flour tortillas to warm our home and make us feel cozy inside after the long, productive day outside – while the spring snow falls and blankets our fields for the night.

beans laying on soil in row

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