Early Spring on the Farm!

Went to the farm today to try and clean out the shed a bit to make room for our bulk order of organic fertilizers that we’re picking up this weekend. It was so nice to see the field ready for us – just needs a bit more thawing and we can get going! Thought we’d share a couple of pictures we took today – it was a gorgeous day, cool and warm at the same time; sure feels like Spring! I heard the weather guy say that yesterday was the end of “meteorological winter”. Sounds good to me! Enjoy the pics!

The Haygrove just about melted – will skin it next week if all goes well.

We definitely flooded in February with the big thaw, you can see cracking in the soil of this house… not tons of mache germinating, but some anyway…

We decided it would be a great idea to go ahead and seed some arugula anyway.

There were a couple of champion mache troopers out there, though – keep it coming, guys!

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