Golden Life-Giving Citrus!

It never fails. Every winter I crave FRUIT! All the fruits! I will take all of the best winter fruits have to offer – pineapples, mangos (Ataulfos are best!), and citrus for days!

We are the lucky recipients of a Harry and David fruit of the month club because my father-in-law gets me and my need to eat all the fruits all the time. I am sure this dates back to our vacation together when he visited us in the Peace Corps in the Solomon Islands. I was starving for fruit all. the. time. All the fruit was just so damn delicious. He couldn’t believe how much we could eat in general and commented regularly on how much fruit I could consume. It’s true – fruit makes me a little weak in the knees when it’s at peak ripeness, and there’s that super special moment when fruit is perfect – usually its fragrance let’s you know, but sometimes it’s the give of the skin and flesh when you press on the sweet spot of each particular fruit that tells you it’s time. When I eat ripe fruit I feel like a creature in its natural habitat  – I like feeling like I’m sharing a special moment with a fruit that grew for so long, ripening until it’s perfect, and finally getting devoured by another creature who appreciates this perfect expression of it’s fruitness. I feel like it grew just for me, and I respect that by going for it with abandon and appreciation.

Right now, you can have your own personal moment with Cara Cara oranges – they are spectacular and low-acid, ruby colored sweet & fragrant orbs of sunshine. I heard someone describe Cara Caras as though “Champagne and a navel orange had a baby”. Cara Caras hail from Valencia, Venezuela, and are likely a navel cross, though their parentage can be traced back to a particular tree and is likely the result of a happy mutation. Regardless, some other
Mara-like fruit lover was paying attention when it fruited and offered up these luscious fruits. Get some while they are still around – usually into April. If you aren’t lucky enough to get a Harry & David delivery, you are still in luck, because everyone has these amazing citrus right now – Healthy Living, City Market, Hannafords… don’t be shy – ask for it wherever you shop. Meanwhile, I’ll be going through my own box of goodies. I will likely ignore you when I’m eating fruit – don’t be offended, it’s not personal, just don’t get between Mara and her fruit. We’re having a moment.

Originally published March 14, 2017

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  1. Phil says:

    Love it! I have a similar, although likely less emotional, feeling when I devour a perfect fruit. Every time I have one I think to myself, why don’t I eat more fruit. It’s true regardless, a perfect fruit in the peak of the season takes me out of this world. Great post!

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