Happy Seeding and Growing!

Just had to share some photos of what’s going on in the greenhouse! First two rounds of micros are seeded and sprouting happily, while the rest of the trays of peppers and lettuces, beets and onions are quietly beginning their season in the trays of soil. It’s always so rejuvenating to see those little green sprouts begin our season for us – first micro harvest will be next Friday, if all goes well! Some of my current favorite photos:

Seeding peppers – my favorite thing to do in the greenhouse! I especially love how the hot pepper seeds have a piquancy to them that I can detect when I lick my finger to pick up a stray seed to move it to the proper cell – tastes like summer to me!

Some micros – these are giant red mustards… though micro to us!

Red choi

and for a new experiment this year – micro chards, here’s yellow.

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  1. Millie says:

    These are lovely pictures. I have been tending my seedlings dreaming of the day I can actually take them out and put them in the ground.

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