Haygrove Plastic Unrolled!

The past two days have been days that were long difficult to picture how they would happen!  On Wednesday we helped our friend Adam at Adam’s Berry Farm get the plastic onto his two Solo Haygroves – a thoroughly illuminating experience!  After helping him with that, we could picture how our process would go with much more clarity.  First task was how to get 1500 pounds of plastic off of the gigantic roll we were sent.  It boiled down to running up to Queen City Steel, asking to borrow two 10′ steel pipes (one to use to lift the roll, one to use as an axle through the roll), schlepping those down to our field in the back of our Subaru (bet they never thought their cars would be used in such a way!), and go ask Intervale Compost Products if we could hire one of their guys and their huge front-end loader (oh, and please bring any chains you have) to help us suspend the roll of plastic to get it all unrolled.  We got that all organized Wednesday afternoon, and scheduled 8:00 am on Thursday to get it done.  All told, it went quite smoothly!  We are thrilled that that part of the job is done, and now all we have to do is get the plastic on the top and secured down with a series of tension ropes!  We’re looking to start that project Saturday morning at 7:00 am out at our field.  We expect it to take a total of 4 hours.  We’ll be providing donuts and coffee to all that would like to join us!  We need at least 10 people to make this happen – please contact us if you can help!  Email us at info@halfpintfarm.com to let us know if you can.  Thanks in advance!  Hope to see you there!  Meanwhile, enjoy this time-lapse video of today’s process!

The video of the unrolling out process…

We had great help for this project!  Thanks a ton to Adam, Becky, Jessica, Andy and Nick – we really appreciate your help and muscle.  THANK YOU!

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