Spring Shuffle, or The Hesitation Blues


Maybe it was the long winter.  Maybe it’s because we’re all done ordering/receiving seeds.  Maybe it’s because we haven’t had enough sun quite yet.  Maybe it’s because we have finished putting the plastic on the Haygrove.  Whatever it is, I am feeling like Mother Nature won’t just let us go ahead and have Spring.  I’ve gone as far as I can go in the greenhouse before I have to get plants into the ground – but, the weather is just not cooperating just yet.  We are in the throes of waiting for the inevitable Spring flood to come and go, the ground to raise in temperature, and dry out a bit so that we can disk and till and bed prep our fluffy soil for the new plants. We are experiencing that push and pull that this season feels like – a windy cold sleety day, followed by calm sunny warmth, followed by a cloudy gloomy day with snow flurries, then a day we can nearly call hot that sends people running to grab the first creemee of the season!  I, for one, am completely over winter.  I am ready for that first barefoot day at the farm, where I get to feel the cool grass and the warming soil with my toes and experience those green, wet smells of Spring everyday!  Not in fits and starts like we have been of late.  As a result of this rubberband-y weather, I can’t get that great song Hesitation Blues out of my head these days – “How long have I got to wait, or can I get you now, or must I hesitate?”  Come on Spring – you can trust us!  We’re ready!


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  1. Farm Supply says:

    Beautiful… and it’s making me a little hungry… LOL Late spring usually means late winter (hopefully) patience is a virtue! Hope everything works out for you…

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