More HayGrove Pictures

Thank goodness Travis from the Intervale came down to check on our progress last Thursday – he took some great pictures of us doing the final job of the day – drilling in the anchor posts around the perimeter of the structure. This was fortuitous, since our camera took a dive off of the tractor and erased all the pictures we had taken on that day! He was kind enough to share, and these pictures that Travis took really capture the scope of the structure better than the others, I think. We spoke with the HayGrove guys today, and they’re solidifying a date to bend the hoops for hoop placement day. If you’d like to help us out on that day, keep an eye out for a post on the date, which we’ll post as soon as we know it. Enjoy these couple of pictures:

Here’s the view from the east end of the field.

Here’s another east end view.

A view from the west end of the field. You can see the rows of posts, and us working on placing the last anchor posts.

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