November Musings…

It stands to some sort of reason that since we had such an incredibly challenging farm year, weather-wise, that we would enter the fall with nothing but gorgeous weather! This has been a magnificent fall, filled with glorious bright shining days, cool nights, and the occasional snow flurry here and there. We have been very busy with a myriad of projects, and have been feeling pretty good about all the things we’ve been doing with our time.

MARKET: Probably the thing that has been taking the bulk of our energy has been the new venture as prepared food vendors at the Burlington Winter Farmers’ Market.  We had our first market this past Saturday, and are happy to report that we had a great market on so many levels, not to mention selling out of nearly everything! It was so wonderful to see all of our customers again, and to feed them in an all-new way. The burritos were well-received, relieving my mind and heart of some intense nervousness of late.  As the date of the first winter farmers’ market grew nearer, I grew increasingly nervous about sharing food that is so near and dear to my heart. I know it’s good. I know it’s prepared with love and care. I know that the ingredients are the best I can find. I have generations to back me up on its authenticity, but I was so nervous about putting my heritage on a plate, and putting it out there to be judged. Luckily, everyone we spoke with seemed happy, nearly all plates came back empty, and the surprise hit of the day was my simple and elemental favorite: bowl of green chile with a side of 2 homemade tortillas. Well-done, people! You honed in on the prize, and my heart is better for it. Thank you! Can’t wait for the next one on November 19th!

WINDOWS: We have also during this crazy time of getting ready for market, been readying our home for winter by installing new windows! This was something we had set money aside for years ago, and have finally gotten around to it.  Luckily, this project coincided with Nancy & Garth’s visit (Spencer’s mom and stepdad) – these guys are our trusty sidekicks when it comes to big farm or house projects, and this was yet another one we decided to tackle together. It went smoothly, all in all, and (as always), it is the finishing that takes the longest – we’re almost done with the interior trim (which we decided to sand and re-varnish), but it should all be done in the next few days, and we’ll be ready for real winter to come!  I must say, it was immediately evident the second the windows went in how badly we needed them. We have no street noise now, the house temperature is staying regulated, and there is no eerie rattling of the panes. Nice.  Even though our visits with Nancy & Garth are normally project-focused, we did manage to go out and do some geo-caching, which introduced us to some new walking trails for the dogs, and to a new (to us) hobby. So fun!

FARM CLEAN-UP: To say that we have been unmotivated to do our normal clean-up regimen this year is a colossal understatement. Irene really left the farm a big dirty mess, and that silt persisted until now. There is so much to do still, but we’ll get to it. I’m allowing myself to just let it happen on my desire-clock, and to not force it. We did manage to take down the plastic from the Haygrove with little fanfare – and we decided what was ok to eat and what wasn’t. The tips of the kale are sweet and delicious, the carrots that are not rotten are absolutely scrumptious, ALL the beets, sweet potatoes, and turnips are the best they’ve ever been, and the jerusalem artichokes are – well – let’s just say I’m keeping their location to myself this year; they are stellar.  The deer have had their way with most of the roots and all of the chicories.  It’s just as well, really – somebody should be eating like kings, and I have decided that is going to be us, the deer and anyone that has a bucket, knife, gloves, some time, and a little space in their cellar to store some produce for winter.

For now, we are looking forward to the first snowfall, frost-sweetened greens, cozy meals with friends, and the delicious season of Thanksgiving, which is right around the corner. Feels good to sync back up with the season that is upon us.

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