Summertime and the living is…

2013-05-16 13.30.29It has been a whirlwind of a Spring and Summer so far! We had that epically wet Spring, which resulted in a July flood that was fairly destructive, but quickly becoming a fading memory. We then had a hot, humid heat wave that prompted us to get an air conditioner for the first time in our lives – what a marvelous invention!  Then – we had a string of 50 degree nights that stopped all ripening of everything… NOW, and only now, do I feel like we are finally in the swing of summer. Phew!  We made it! Thanks for coming along with us on the ride – now, on to a rather stream-of-consciousness treatment of where my mind goes when asked the question, “How is the season going right now?”

VEGGIES! Veggies everywhere! We are eating so well!! We have a full complement of delicious2013-07-18 11.44.48-2 summer vegetables, and I must say that I have been in love with zucchini and summer squash this year – grilling, searing, broiling, mandoline-ing and eating raw even! The squashes coupled with the haricot vert & romano beans and herbs galore have been a fun surprise – not to mention our favorite veggie of all; eggplant! We grow all shapes and sizes and thoroughly enjoy harvesting the shiny indigo globes while we decide how we are going to prepare them this time. The microgreens are continuing to be workhorses on the farm – definitely pulling their weight. We have so many delicious chicories – think escarole on the grill! Don’t forget about radishes and butter! Blossoms! Tomatoes! Yum!

2013-07-19 19.28.02COOKING! With all the great veggie cookbooks and focus on veggies in food magazines recently – we are never at a shortage of recipes. I have also discovered a new-found love for squash blossom fritters, and making them at home – I’ve decided that my favorite cheese filling is a ricotta, blue cheese combination with a basil leaf – fragrant, hot, delicious. Just like summer itself. The tomatoes are just now starting to arrive, and we couldn’t be more ready for them! I had my first BLT today made with a 2.5# Shilling Giant that was positively epic. We are also regularly tossing every veggie around us in a pan, drizzling with olive oil, salt and pepper and roasting until done. We call this dinner. Have you rediscovered herbs? We have and can’t get enough! A handful of any fresh herb in anything is a revelation!

FARMING! In a daily/weekly/monthly circular loop we have been doing the following: weeding, 2013-06-20 18.38.30planting, seeding, harvesting, washing, packing, delivering, marketing, banking, payrolling, recordkeeping, feeding, sleeping… It’s a whirlwind and a perpetual motion machine! Each task begets the next one and we can’t believe how quickly the weeks are flying by! The last seeding date for carrots is quickly approaching, and we are about to do our last seeding of lettuces, chicories and more – that means the pest pressure is dying down to a low roar, and the weather has evened out so that we can greet each day with more accomplishments and fewer setbacks.

We love the daily work that gives structure to our days, and when Saturday market day grows near, we are excited to see what varieties are ready to harvest and bring to our friends’ tables so that they may share in the deliciousness. Join us!

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