Tomatoes, how I love thee…

We are there! After an incredible season, we have come to our year-ending hard frost! Friday night, right on time, we got down to 28 degrees at our field. Having the foresight of the forecast, we were able to predict the frost accurately, and do an all-out harvest of all the tender crops – tomatoes and peppers at the top of the list!
It has been an incredible year for the solanaceaes! Hot and dry, 2012 distilled the liquid in each fruit to the most flavorful expression of itself. The tomatoes have never been more tomatoey, and the peppers, well – they’ve been swoon-worthy! We happily shared in the abundance of our tomato season this year, keeping our prices low, and the accessibility high – Healthy Living carried them from the moment we had them to our last delivery of these love-apples tomorrow.
Because of their singular qualities; color spectrum, myriad shapes, captivating aromas and flavors, I present this great poem (courtesy of our dear friend, Andy Berisford), and picture gallery of their amazing showing this year. THANK YOU tomatoes, we love you!

Prayer for the Tomato Season

I stop for a moment to praise tomatoes,
honoring them by eating one.
Lovely are you spirits who grow such things.
First I praise their shapes–they shun the easy perfection of the sphere
and take instead their own forms.
Their weight is worth praising, and the depth of their color.
Before I eat this one, I smell it, taking its scent in deeply,
finding in me a resonance that tells me that this is the smell of fertile Earth.
Their skin, though stretched tightly, yields quickly;
it has performed its duty of containing treasure with and uncommon devotion
and now relinquishes command to me.
With silent thanks, the, I accept the task
and eagerly receive the honor so bestowed,
hoping, by so doing, to honor in turn the giver of the gift
and the gift itself.

From A Book of Pagan Prayer
by Ceisiwr Serith


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