Food Club 2018


Welcome to the 2018 farming season of the Half Pint Farm Food Club! This is our 16th farming season, and 10th year of our farm share program! We created our farm in 2003 because we believed that there could be a model of sustainable farming that champions a small and successful family operation on a small plot of land, with small infrastructure and a small workforce. We exercise this passion growing 400+ varieties of specialty and baby vegetables on our 2.5 acres in Burlington’s Intervale with our two miniature dachshunds, Mr. Smeems & Bullet. We also sell to area restaurants, grocers, & at the Burlington Farmers’ Market.

Who We Are

We are not just farmers, but we are foodies. We learned that to have access to the best possible produce, you should grow it yourself – or find a farmer who can grow it for you! We love farming because we love good food! Our Food Club attracts like-minded foodies, many of whom have become our dearest friends! When you pick up your share, you can enjoy cutting some flowers & herbs as well as sample some snacks prepared by us, when we are inspired! We really enjoy researching and sharing recipes that will show off our vegetables in new and exciting ways.

How We Grow

When we began farming in 2003, we wanted our farm to always remain small, and be run by us. We have remained true to that vision, and have found more ways to meaningfully participate in our community. We are committed to growing organically, but are not certified. We are members of NOFA-VT, Vermont Fresh Network, VT Vegetable and Berry Growers Association and Slow Food VT. We mentor UVM farming students, and have employees. In addition to our Food Club, we provide up to 100 seniors with fresh food from the farm through the federally funded Senior Farm Share Program. We are so proud to serve our community!

2017 Farm Season

Our 2017 season was an exercise in trust. From the coldest spring on record for 50 years to the second worst flood of our career to the longest, driest fall that allowed us to have a season ender that we could not have predicted – meeting all our financial goals! We braved the mosquito apocalypse, replanted our farm twice and cried a lot. Our little farm loudly let us know that it was still there and working strong and supported us!

2018 Farm Season

Here are some of what you can expect to receive in your 18-week share in 2018!

• Pick-your-own – cut flower garden and culinary herb garden!

• Microgreens – spicy herbs & greens of intense color & texture!

• Beans – perfect colorful haricot vert, romano & runner beans!

• Carrots – heirloom and baby (yellow, red, orange, purple & white)!

• Tomatoes – incredibly sweet cherries, heirlooms & romas!

• Onions – colorful cipollini, pearls, scallions, torpedos and shallots!

• Potatoes – colorful fingerlings and baby potatoes all season long!

• Peppers – padron, shishito, Anaheim, Italian, paprika, sweet, hot!

• Salad Mix – salad greens, baby & mini head lettuces!

• Chicories – friseé, radicchios, escaroles & dandelions!

All of this and so much more! Are you ready for an extraordinary culinary adventure with thoughtfully grown, local gourmet crops?………..On to the rules of the game!


The price for a Food Club Farm Share is $600. It is first come, first served – space is limited! This year, if you are able to pay in full at time of application, we appreciate it! Alternatively, we are happy to take share payment in two payments, first payment being due at time of application, second no later than May 1, 2018. Both payments are $300. If you need a different payment plan, we are more than happy to work with you!

We are happy to take PayPal payments if that is more convenient for you! Our account is at: Please select friends and family to help us avoid the fee.


Checks should be made out to Half Pint Farm. Please send to:

Half Pint Farm, PO Box 8835, Burlington, VT 05402.

We do not offer 1/2 shares. However, if you have a person or other couple you would like to share with, feel free to organize that amongst yourselves. You can submit two checks, two applications together if you wish to share with someone.


We can now accept payments online through our Square store. There is a 2.75% fee for processing online. Choose Half or Full Farm Share Payment. Thank You!

Order Online

Pick-up Days & Schedule

The pick-up day is Wednesdays at Half Pint Farm in Burlington’s Intervale between 3 and 6pm. Pick-ups begin on Wednesday, June 6th and run for 18 weeks until Wednesday, October 3rd. You may send a person other than yourself to pick-up your weekly share, but please let us know someone other than you will be coming. We will send an email reminder the day before pick-up.

Shopping Bags

You will receive 2 recycled canvas shopping bags with the food club logo on them. These are yours to keep! They are made of fair-trade recycled cotton and were the most sustainable carrier we have found. These are what you will receive your farm share in each week. You’ll bring an empty bag back to the pick-up each week to receive a full bag. If you forget your bag, your share will be in plastic, which we would like to avoid!

Value of your Food Club Share - Substitions

Each week you’ll receive one bag with the prime selection of crops that are in season that week. The value of the weekly share is $33.33. When we are abundant, you will always receive more than $33.33 worth! In 2016 each week our shares valued well over $40! The food you will be receiving is of extremely high quality picked at the peak of freshness. In fact, your food will be harvested the same day you pick it up! Please do not ask for substitutions in your weekly share. We will be giving you such incredible produce to use each week, along with recipe cards for the unusual vegetables. Farm shares are an opportunity to experiment – try some new things, gain some new favorites and get re-acquainted with some old standbys! There are other values that you may perceive in your share as well – being a part of your local food economy, experiencing the way a small farm operates, and of course the high nutritive value of fresh produce that has not traveled in a refrigerated truck for weeks!

Newsletters, Recipes, etc.

We will not be producing weekly paper newsletters. However, we do post regularly on our blog, which can be found on our website:! We will be making blogposts frequently during the season; giving you a regular update on what is going on at the farm. Please subscribe to our Facebook page and Twitter account for in-the-moment pictures from the farm! With your share each week, you will be given at least two recipes to give you some ideas of what we do with these great crops, and also to give you some inspiration in the kitchen!

Farm Visits

We are always open to farm visits by anyone and everyone that is interested in seeing the farm! We are at the farm Monday-Friday, at the Burlington Farmers’ Market on Saturdays from 8:30am-2pm, and we take Sundays off!

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