All-time Favorite Recipes #3: Dahl

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I have been lucky enough to be in the company of many truly good cooks most of my life. My family got this recipe from dear family friends, of whom the husband is Indian. They used to babysit me from when I was 2 years old; some of my most early food memories stem from my time with the Baidwans, and every time I whip up this dahl recipe, my house smells like memories. My dad was the one who most frequently made the dahl in our family, and he always nailed it completely – tasted exactly like the Baidwan’s version. When I left home for college and got homesick for dahl, I tried to make it several times, but… Read More


Posole is for lovers

Posole is for lovers of delicious brothy soups. This amazing amalgam of hominy, red chile, beef or pork (or not), and all the aromatics (lime, oregano, cilantro, red chile flakes, onion…) is in the class of soups where pho, brodo, and other liquid cure-alls live. It is the soup that I turn to when I need to feel grounded, loved and confident in the kitchen. It’s a celebration food –… Read More


Golden Life-Giving Citrus!

It never fails. Every winter I crave FRUIT! All the fruits! I will take all of the best winter fruits have to offer – pineapples, mangos (Ataulfos are best!), and citrus for days!

We are the lucky recipients of a Harry and David fruit of the month club because my father-in-law gets me and my need to eat all the fruits all the time. I am sure this dates… Read More


Blanching! Shocking! Summer Veg Prep!

Beans. The humble bean – mighty nitrogen fixer and meaty green vegetable. They truly round out any meal the summer decides to dish up. Time and time again, I can remember a blah dish made WOW! with simply blanched beans, sauteed with garlic & herbs. Read More


She’s Pissed at Pesto

There was so much to love about dinner tonight; free-range grilled chicken with rosemary and slices of lemon, Purple potatoes, baby fennel, colorful carrots, even baby artichokes simmered in vegetable broth, then grilled to perfection. But who gets all the attention? That’s right, the pesto. There were even artichokes in the pesto, but like the Read More


Nourishment – Body & Soul

Feeling antsy and a little soft in the middle? Need a go-to meal that nourishes you for days? We have the answer! Read More


2016 Ends, 2017 Begins!

We celebrate 2016! Read More


Winter Spice!

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I have been lucky enough to be in the company of many truly good cooks most of my life. My family got this recipe from dear family friends, of whom the husband is from Punjab, India… Read More


Creamy dreamy cake of your cakey dreams!

Well, it’s happened. I’ve officially been seduced by a few beautiful Instagram feeds that feature what one poster calls “rawsome treats”. I’ll admit it. I have been known to hop on board every food trend willingly all of my adult life, because I am inspired by food and all the interesting forms it can take. I love that a certain combination of foods can make you feel a certain… Read More


Chilly beans to chili beans

It was cold and raw and windy and quiet all at once today. Felt like a perfect day to do our first field tilling and seeding of favas and peas. They’ll sit in the ground quietly and enjoy the hull-softening rain that tomorrow and the next couple of days will bring.Then, when the days warm up in about 10 days, they’ll stretch their arms and give a mighty push… Read More


Autumnal Awakenings, or, The Completed List

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We did it! We made it to fall! We made it to the slow-down, to the time where we remember hobbies, rekindle friendships, get all of our computers backed up, receipts and bills filed, seeds stored, garlic planted, IRAs fully funded, and we start cooking elaborate meals again! Those things are so fun to come back to after being away from them for 7 months or so. However. I have… Read More