Chilly beans to chili beans

It was cold and raw and windy and quiet all at once today. Felt like a perfect day to do our first field tilling and seeding of favas and peas. They’ll sit in the ground quietly and enjoy the hull-softening rain that tomorrow and the next couple of days will bring.Then, when the days warm up in about 10 days, they’ll stretch their arms and give a mighty push… Read More


Autumnal Awakenings, or, The Completed List

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We did it! We made it to fall! We made it to the slow-down, to the time where we remember hobbies, rekindle friendships, get all of our computers backed up, receipts and bills filed, seeds stored, garlic planted, IRAs fully funded, and we start cooking elaborate meals again! Those things are so fun to come back to after being away from them for 7 months or so. However. I have… Read More


Sometimes pancakes are just the thing…

You know what they say – with great power comes great responsibility. I don’t consider myself having much power, but when I stumbled upon this recipe I felt like I unlocked a secret code that needed to be shared. So, here you go – the finale to the tale of a pancake lover’s journey from immediate gratification of that cakey breakfast goodness to 20 minutes later being starving again… Read More


Food is Relationships

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It’s early Spring, and I can’t help but think about the very first harvest of microgreens, coming up at the end of the week! Microgreens harvesting the first week of every April gets me all sentimental… Read More


2013 – Year of the Veggie!

As we look towards the New Year ahead, we here at Half Pint Farm have been recapping the food trends we took note of all year, and, as we pour ourselves some cleansing green tea in the preamble to a night of celebration, let’s look back on the foodie trends of 2013, which were super inspiring and a lot of fun! Read More


Time for Reflection

It’s snowing outside, my fireplace is lit, my dogs are gently snoring next to me, and the mailman just dropped off another load of seed catalogs. It suddenly occurs to me that I haven’t given my impressions of my 2013 farm season yet, and I re-fill my mug of tea and tuck in to share some thoughts with you on just how wonderful this season left us feeling. Read More


Yulekake, Norwegian Holiday Bread

A gift of yulekake is a gift of love, devotion, and it means that you are special enough to make someone put their kneading muscles on and bake a loaf, braid, or pan of rolls for you. Read More


Summertime and the living is…

We are finally in the swing of summer. Phew! We made it! Thanks for coming along with us on the ride – now, on to a rather stream-of-consciousness treatment of where my mind goes when asked the question, “How is the season going right now?” Read More


Squash Blossom Fritters!

You know you want them. You’ve seen them everywhere. They are as good as they look, and just as addictive as you’ve feared. We are proud to partner with area restaurants in the summer that feature our beautiful blossoms, particularly L’Amante, who has been our longest standing restaurant partner – 11 years and counting! Both Half Pint Farm and L’Amante and us are featured in the new cookbook by Tracey Medeiros called the Vermont Farm Table Cookbook… Read More


We’ve turned the corner!

giant red mustard micro

Spring has officially sprung, we are marching towards the longest day of the year, and light is everywhere! I love when we turn the corner officially from Winter to Spring, when the seasons wrestle with each other for control – wet snowstorm here, warm sunshiny day there; cool cloudy day here, sprouting green things there… even though we all know that Spring will win this rubberband fight… Read More