Let’s Grow


We seed spinach and mache for overwintering and enjoy the slowing down of the season. We are now working to put the field to bed, and start mowing down crops and disking in sections with the tractor. We transplant garlic, mulch sections that need to be mulched, and clean our tools. Read More


We begin seedlings in the heated cooperative Intervale greenhouses in mid-March. We start microgreens first – our first product of the season! This is a very busy time with lots of scheduling detail; we spend a lot of time fussing over greenhouse temperatures and making sure everything gets the best start it possibly can. Read More


Once June arrives, we have nearly everything planted, and the weeding begins in earnest. All of our farmers markets are in full swing, and our summer schedule of seeding, weeding, planting, harvesting, washing, packaging, and selling begins Ð familiar and welcome. We routinely have 17-hour days as we try to make the most of each day and the sunlight. Read More


We begin receiving our seed catalogs in November. The season has begun! We spend November and December making lists of new seeds we’d like to try, reviewing what sold well last year, and creating our seeding plans. This is also the time when we touch base with our chefs and wholesale accounts Read More