We begin seedlings in the heated cooperative Intervale greenhouses in mid-March. We start microgreens first – our first product of the season! This is a very busy time with lots of scheduling detail; we spend a lot of time fussing over greenhouse temperatures and making sure everything gets the best start it possibly can. Our first farmer’s market is Mother’s Day weekend every year downtown at City Hall Park, and seems to come quicker every year. We try to have as many bedding plants and edibles as possible at that first market to jump-start our season. It is so good to see old friends and make new acquaintances with customers. We till our early beds in April, and plant spinach, onions, head lettuce, carrots and potatoes. We start transplanting long-term crops to the fields in late May, and we watch the weather forecasts intently; a frost could set us back weeks! The first spinach, spring onions, baby carrots, lettuce, arugula, sprouts and radishes make their way onto Burlington menus and plates as soon as April!