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Laura Sayre
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o Robert A. Macoskey Center for Sustainable Systems
Education and Research
, Sustainability Conference,
Fall 2004
o PASA Farming for the Future Conference:
2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 speakers
o North Union Farmer’s Market “A Time to Grow”
Conference, Monday, November 13, 2006,
Niche Marketing
o Slow Food Terra Madre Delegates, Turin, Italy,
October 26-30, 2006
o North Union Farmer’s Market “A Time to Grow”
Conference, Monday November 15, 2007

Farm-Related Activities
o US Peace Corps Volunteers, Solomon Islands,
October 1997-March 2000
o Intervale Board of Directors (Spencer), 2003-2004
o Old North End Farmer’s Market, New North End
Farmer’s Market, Managers, 2003-present
o Park Place Homes Cooperative Board of Directors,
o USAID FarmServe Program, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State,
Nigeria, December 26, 2005 – January 19, 2006
o Bringing Terra Madre Home: A Forum of VT Food
Communities, Fletcher Free Library, Saturday,
November 11, 2006, organized by Mara
o Burlington Farmer’s Market Steering Committee
Treasurer, 2007-Present