Let’s Meet

Welcome to Half Pint Farm!

Half Pint Farm is operated by us, husband and wife team, Mara and Spencer Welton.  Our farm is conceived through a desire to craft phenomenal produce, display it stunningly and offer all of our customers excellent customer service. Half Pint Farm, as the name suggests, is small; we are a 2.5 acre farm.  This size is not accidental.  In researching farms around the world in the ancient world through the present day, the most abundantly productive size is around this size.  We have found this to be a manageable and inspirational size for 2 people.  In this space we are able to produce enough to provide food for ourselves, weekly farmers’ markets, a grocer, 100 senior citizens, 24 families in our Food Club program, and up to 30 area caterers and restaurants each farm season.

The farm is located in Burlington’s Intervale, which provides us with the necessary infrastructure and low-risk to begin our venture and evolve our dream.  The unique micro-climate of the Intervale allows us to get into the ground early in the season and escape the earlier frosts of fall.  Our soil is a beautiful silt loam. We specialize in small, baby and specialty varieties of crops; often exceeding 400 varieties at a time! We pride ourselves on having produce that is of excellent quality, picked at the peak of freshness, washed and packaged with an eye towards the aesthetic, as food should not only be nutritious, but beautiful as well!  Come visit us at the Intervale and see what abundance can come from a small idea.