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Posole is for lovers

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Posole is for lovers

Posole is for lovers of delicious brothy soups. This amazing amalgam of hominy, red chile, beef or pork (or not), and all the aromatics (lime, oregano, cilantro, red chile flakes, onion…) is in the class of soups where pho, brodo, and other liquid cure-alls live. It is the soup that I turn to when I need to feel grounded, loved and confident in the kitchen. It’s a celebration food –… Read More


Smother me with…chile!

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Smother me with...chile!

We are finally posting here on the blog to let you know that we have been very busy, not with farm clean up so much (yeah, we’ll get to that), but with working on our new seasonal venture that we will be bringing to you each winter. We are back at it, albeit in a new capacity, and will be at the Burlington Winter Farmers’ Market starting November 5th! We present to you: Half Pint Farm’s Table, the prepared foods arm of our little farm! Read More