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Creamy dreamy cake of your cakey dreams!

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Creamy dreamy cake of your cakey dreams!

Well, it’s happened. I’ve officially been seduced by a few beautiful Instagram feeds that feature what one poster calls “rawsome treats”. I’ll admit it. I have been known to hop on board every food trend willingly all of my adult life, because I am inspired by food and all the interesting forms it can take. I love that a certain combination of foods can make you feel a certain… Read More


Sometimes pancakes are just the thing…

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Sometimes pancakes are just the thing...

You know what they say – with great power comes great responsibility. I don’t consider myself having much power, but when I stumbled upon this recipe I felt like I unlocked a secret code that needed to be shared. So, here you go – the finale to the tale of a pancake lover’s journey from immediate gratification of that cakey breakfast goodness to 20 minutes later being starving again… Read More


2013 – Year of the Veggie!

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2013 - Year of the Veggie!

As we look towards the New Year ahead, we here at Half Pint Farm have been recapping the food trends we took note of all year, and, as we pour ourselves some cleansing green tea in the preamble to a night of celebration, let’s look back on the foodie trends of 2013, which were super inspiring and a lot of fun! Read More