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Tomatoes, how I love thee…

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Tomatoes, how I love thee...

We are there! After an incredible season, we have come to our year-ending hard frost! Friday night, right on time, we got down to 28 degrees at our field. Having the foresight of the forecast, we were able to predict the frost accurately, and do an all-out harvest of all the tender crops – tomatoes and peppers at the top of the list!
It has been an incredible… Read More


July – Ahhhhh!

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July - Ahhhhh!

Humidity, crazy storms, huge weed growth… and finally… wait for it… we are: all. systems. go!! Everything is rolling in the best possible of ways! It’s hot, every few days we get rain, fear of flooding is a faint memory, and we are waking up at 5am everyday and farming until 6 or 7pm, and life could not be more grand! Even when the humidity feels oppressive, and the weeds seem like they will not quit, and sweat constantly rolls out of every pore, carrying sunscreen into my eyes, I am constantly remembering that a mere 6 weeks ago I was sure that farming wouldn’t even be part of my reality this year… Read More


Plants In, Season Underway!

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Plants In, Season Underway!

What a great past couple of weeks! We have accomplished the monumental planting of our tomato, eggplant and pepper crops! All 1,020 tomatoes are in and looking lovely! This task, of course, was preceded by the very dusty chore of moving the huge piece of Lumite into place – It is 24′ x 300′ long, dirty, and incredibly heavy! Read More