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Soupe a l’oignon gratinèe

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Soupe a l'oignon gratinèe

All I can say is that two things had to happen for me to be intrigued by onion soup: first, I recently went to Montreal where I felt like everywhere I turned, restaurants everywhere were advertising soupe a l’oignon gratinèe. It seemed a shame to waste one of my eating opportunities in this great culinary city on something so pedestrian as onions in broth, so I begged off. Then comes the second thing that had to happen to make me want to make this soup. Upon returning home, I plodded down to my basement to check out the dry-goods rack that houses our storage potatoes, squash and onions, and I was met with an unavoidable truth: my onions were past their prime. They were sending up green shoots – searching for light and the chance at a new life. Something had to be done. When faced with a cellar full of sprouting onions, I chose to not turn to the compost heap – no! – but to the cooking pot, and make me some magic… Read More