7 Easy Plants To Grow From Seed Indoors

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Growing your indoor plants from seed is a sure way to get back to nature. It’s therapeutic and so relaxing and buying seeds is way cheaper than buying established plants. Once they’ve established some plants will even self-seed for a new show next year. If you’re planting shrubs and evergreens, you’re set for years of enjoyment. 

Indoor plants need three things, water, light, and warmth. You have to give your plants a constant water supply. Many plants that thrive indoors come from warmer climes so you need to keep them in a warm environment, away from drafts. You will also have to ensure that they enjoy plenty of light. Read on to find out about some easy plants to grow from seed indoors.

Indoor gardening equipment

You don’t need much to start up your indoor garden. Gather some pots and some small gardening tools. A watering can also come in handy, though a jug will do. 

You’ll need plug trays or small pots to get your seeds going along with quality seed mix soil. Most seeds need just a little soil over them. The seed package should give you all the information you need on the depth in which you need to plant. 

It’s normally no more than a half-inch depth. Germinating plants must be kept moist. You can prevent the seedlings from drying out by covering them with a wet paper towel. Just keep spritzing it with water.

Typically seeds like warm temperatures to germinate. Once you’ve prepared your seeds, it’s time to find the pots in which they’ll live. Make sure that you choose pots with enough space to accommodate your growing plants. All containers must have drainage holes and trays to catch excess water. 

When your seedlings have a number of small leaves, they are ready to transplant into their living quarters. If you’ve used plugs, just make plug-size holes and drop the small plant in. If you’ve used small pots, you’ll have to partially fill your bigger pot. Then place the young plant onto the soil and fill it to the top.  

Easy plants to grow from seed indoors

We’ve gathered some ideas to help you to choose the best plant to grow from seed along with information on how to care for them.

African Violets

African Violets are bright and cheery little plants. They like filtered light so keep them about three feet from a south or west-facing window. These plants are a little bit fussy so follow our guidelines to ensure good blossoms and a happy houseplant. 

African Violets use a special soil mix. You can usually find this at a nursery or you can mix your own from equal quantities of peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite. Water your plants from the base with tepid water. Take care not to splash the leaves as water can cause foliar spots.

Mix the fertilizer at quarter strength and feed your plant every time you water it. African Violets will last almost indefinitely so treat them well and you’ll have pretty blooms for years to come.

Peace Lilies 

Known for their easy care and air-cleansing abilities, Peace Lilies are a great choice of indoor plants for darker spaces. They don’t need much light. They also tolerate fluorescent lights so they’re great for cheering up your office space. Peace 

Lilies prefer warm temperatures of between 65° and 80° Fahrenheit, so keep your plant away from drafty windows. Peace Lilies like a lot of water all at once. They also like the soil to dry out a bit before they are watered again.

Your plant will tell you when it is thirsty. Its leaves will droop. Mist the leaves when you water the plant to keep it clean and hydrated. Peace Lilies bloom in the spring. 

Easy Plants To Grow From Seed Indoors


Originating in Turkey, Persian or florist’s Cyclamen are commonly grown indoor plants and they put on a really pretty show. They require two hours of filtered morning sunlight to flourish. Place your pots in a cool room near a north-facing window and they should thrive. 

Cyclamen blooms in vibrant shades of pink, red, and white for up to six weeks during the winter. Most people only keep Cyclamen for one season as the plant goes dormant during summer. With care, however, your plants will bloom again. 

Cyclamen are very sensitive to water on their leaves, so it is best to stand the pot in a saucer of water for an hour until the soil is moist. Let any excess water drain away. Cyclamen seeds take between 30 and 60 days to germinate so plan ahead. 

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen is quite possibly the easiest plant to look after. They can tolerate poor light, low humidity, and drought conditions. These plants prefer indirect sunlight and warm ambient temperatures. 

There is a wide variety of Chinese Evergreens, including those with pretty variegated leaves. These plants enjoy well-drained soil and moderate watering. Fertilize your plants every six months. Chinese Evergreens are prone to spider mites, scale, mealybugs, and aphids so inspect the leaves from time to time and treat them as necessary.

Asparagus Fern

An Asparagus Fern is another easy plant to grow indoors. These plants make a lovely display when put on the edge of a shelf as the feathery leaves cascade downwards. Those leaves hide thorns so be careful when working with your Asparagus Fern. 

Happy Asparagus Ferns can grow small white flowers that will berry afterward. You can use those berries to grow more such plants. These evergreen plants enjoy a humid environment. Provide a pebble tray to add moisture into the air around the plant, especially during winter when the air is dry.

A daily mist will keep your plant happy. These plants like indirect sunlight and will tolerate low light conditions. Fertilize with a half dilute of plant food once a week in summer. Reduce to a monthly feed in winter.


If you like patterned variegated leaves in bright colors, you’ll love Coleus. Also known as painted nettle, these plants are so easy to grow. Coleus comes in a number of color combinations that include pink, maroon, red, green, and yellow with leaves of varying sizes and shapes. 

These plants like indirect sunlight, warm temperatures, and plenty of humidity. A fortnightly feed with a fertilizer high in nitrogen will keep your houseplant happy. Coleus is a flowering plant. Remove buds as soon as they appear or your plant will go to seed after flowering.  


Otherwise known as geranium, Pelargonium are excellent indoor plants. Happy geraniums will bloom in a variety of vibrant colors throughout the year. The potting mix should contain equal quantities of peat moss, perlite, and garden loam. Geraniums enjoy a good soak but will also benefit from short periods with dry soil.

Geraniums like plenty of sunlight and will only bloom when they have enough light. Feed your geraniums every second month during spring and summer.

Bring nature in

Bring nature into your home with a collection of potted plants of various sorts. These plants are all easy to grow from seed and if you follow the guidelines provided they should brighten up your home for years to come. 

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